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The Return to Love and Light Oracle is a 2-part Divine Oracle deck for Starseed Ascension and Awakening, within a creative and ever-expanding healing modality for Ascension Work, Energywork and Spiritual Connection. It goes as deep and far as you are willing to go, and it changes with you as you grow. Its Divine Design has the purpose to support you as a Starseed on your ascension/awakening journey, and to take you all the way home.

The Oracles are co-created/channeled by Elínrós Díanadóttir, an artistic Galactic Lightworker and certified Energetic Master who works with Divine Multidimensional Group Clearing, Healing and Protection.

Each oracle card is designed to take you one step closer back to Love, Light & Joy. Back to your Soul and Spirit. We are currently creating a series of Divine Multidimensional Decrees for Spiritual Liberation, forming an essential part of this Ascension Modality – that branches out into many offerings!

Elínrós is certified in the following fields with the Divine Light Academy: Advanced Energy Clearing, Healing & Protection + Setting Up Your Energetic Space for Channeling, Healing & Meditation. Return to Love Oracle is not available in printed form yet. We will let you know as soon as it becomes available as a physical deck! Right now you can order your own personal reading or enjoy the healing modality without the Oracle decks.

All in Divine Timing. Om Mani Padme Om.

Get in touch at contact@returntoloveoracle.com