Oracle Card LV. Lighthouse Keeper

On this page, I have gathered videos, articles, artwork and other resources relating to the oracle card LV. Lighthouse Keeper – You Are Blessing The World ?

General Guidance

Whether you do it consciously or not, you are a force of love in this world. Your divine connection is filling this world with rays of love, just like a sun within a human body. Because that is what the soul is, and your natural connection to your true self allows you to access increasingly higher frequencies of love and light as you grow on your spiritual path.

Whether you are a fully devoted lightworker, an advanced cosmic shaman, or just someone who loves love, your presence is a blessing for those around you, when you are centered, grounded, and your heart is open.

This card is a deep acknowledgment of your unique, Divine, and gorgeous being. Just by being you, you are blessing the world.

I have collected helpful resources below to support you further in this work. Do you know someone who needs to hear this today? Share the page to a friend or on your social media and spread the wisdom of the Return to Love Oracle.

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