Oracle Card XXIII. Gateways

On this page, I have gathered videos, articles, artwork and other resources relating to the oracle card XXIII. Gateways – Your Multidimensional Nature ?

General Guidance

The complexity of our true nature is staggering. And the fact that most people think they’re nothing but a brain in a body living one life now and that’s it – is shocking. But this is rapidly changing as humanity is evolving and the younger generations come in with a lot more awareness than previous generations. It’s all shifting now and we are waking up.

One aspect of your multidimensional nature is that you have access to gateways in your extended fields and this oracle card is encouraging you to explore this now. If you are well versed in the realm of gateways and such, this card is a reminder to keep the gateways open and clean. Perhaps it’s time to clean those windows if you are feeling a bit foggy.

These gateways are simply like doors that you step through to travel to different dimensions (5th and up), planes, planets, and realms. Jump in your Merkaba and have exquisite experiences that enrich your spirit and the world around you. ? Your gateways also allow you to receive visits, receive downloads, and increase your connection to other dimensions (5th and up), planes, planets, and realms.

Just remember to stay grounded and do daily grounding/earthing exercises to stay centered. Bon voyage. ?

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