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Oracle Card XLIII. Hold Space

On this page, I have gathered videos, articles, artwork and other resources relating to the oracle card XLIII. Hold Space – Embody The Potential ? General Guidance Sometimes…

Oracle Card LIII. Joy Flow

Your body is a Sacred Vessel for your soul and you are incorporating this wisdom into your life right now. There are many levels of awareness to attain and this is a journey of growth that never ends. There is no goal to reach except for being present in each moment.

Oracle Card II. Metaphysical Growth

This oracle is coming to you as a confirmation of your spiritual, metaphysical growth. You are growing and breaking free from old constraints.

Oracle Card XVIII. Organic Essence

There is no end to the creative genius of Mother Earth and the ways that we can heal and grow in collaboration with her. This oracle card is an encouragement for you to explore this now.

Oracle Card VIII Inner Knowing

Inner Knowing is a knowing deep within that does not require explanation, confirmation, or external proof. When you know, you know. It’s important to honor this inner knowing without feeling the need to defend it to anyone. Your Inner Knowing is sacred.

Oracle Card XXXIII Slow Down

When life stresses you out, it is a clear indication that you are living out of alignment with yourself. You have lost your center and your grounding in the present moment.

Oracle Card XLV. Messages

The Universe is communicating with you via messages and urging you to notice the signs. These messages may come through in many ways, and you probably know what they are already.

Oracle Card XXXIX. Bending Realities

This card is bringing to your attention the ability to move through different realities by surfing vibrational shifts. When your vibration shifts, your reality shifts. Are you currently surfing new realities or preparing to?

Oracle Card XL. Dying Identities

Our identities are created from the stories we tell ourselves about our past experiences, in terms of what we decide that they say about us. The identities we form over time can be partially empowering, but as long as we are identifying with the past, our freedom is limited.