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An illuminating and highly informative video series is now available on YouTube: Balance Your Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine. It’s a 7-part series in which I go through different aspects of this part of your ascension process, your spiritual evolution.

Learn how to balance your energies with practical steps and tips, move from the wounded to the Divine aspect of you, learn what the difference is, and how you can nurture your masculine and feminine in a sacred manner. This is to assist you to move closer to, or deeper into, your Divine Union, and further your stabilization!

Part 1, 2, 3, and 4 have already been published on YouTube. Part 6 and 7 will only be available via a secret link that you get access to by signing up to the Divine Union Newsletter. It’s a newsletter where I will only share news on this particular theme!

Healing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Series

1. Introduction to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

2. How to Nurture Your Divine Feminine

3. How to Nurture Your Divine Masculine

4. Common Misunderstandings

5. Get Help to Balance your Energies ~ Work with the Universe

6. How to Balance Action and Surrender

7. How to Align with Divine Will

Start with video 1 of 7: Introduction to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

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