ENERGY MANAGEMENT COLLECTION: Clearing Your Multidimensional Fields

This is a collection of wonderful free online tools for energetic, multidimensional clearing with Healing Masters, Archangels and Ascended Masters. On this page you find our tools plus tools from three amazing channels who are completely devoted to this work.

Opheana and Siikal Sheehan are cosmic shamans, multidimensional energywork experts and highly skilled teachers in this field. Click here and read more about them. We have also included Decrees and Transmissions by Stevel Nobel, plus Reiki Healing and Activations by Rachel Thompson.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can clear your fields in many ways. Prayers, Guided Meditations, Transmissions, Activations and Divine Decrees are all ways to invite in and open up to clearing. Listen to your guidance. Your Soul knows, your Body knows. The lower mind doesn’t know, however, so don’t get stuck there. No need to bring in the logical reasoning here, that’s for Soduko. 😉

Why Do Energywork?

Why do we shower? The Earth and the collective consciousness and all the group consciousnesses we connect to (and become a part of unless we create a conscious boundary) in person and energetically are all riddled with energy of various frequencies and vibration.

A lot of it vibrates at a low level and are not helpful at all. We are taking everything from unaware people sending psychic attacks left and right, to entities, energy vampire plug-ins and ill-meaning attacks and intrusions in the form of implants and other forms of energetic manipulation, abuse and hypnosis.

We also become vulnerable and susceptible to intrusions in meditation, astral exploration and in the ways that we open up to the multidimensional spectrum, unless we learn how to manage our energy.

By clearing ourselves energetically daily – preferably twice or thrice daily – we have a routine that keeps us clear, aligned and vibing at our own frequency.

To a starseed, clearing, nourishing and protecting your multidimensional fields is true self care.


Before you do any clearing, remember to set up your space, connect to and expand your heart, and establish your Soul Pillar. Then call in your support teams that love you unconditionally and are aligned with the highest good of all. This first section keeps you centered, open, connected and supported. Many of the sessions linked below do include a preparatory part as well, but it’s best if you create your own ritual for this. Your intention is at the very core of all energywork, so make sure to set an intention that is aligned with your values and goals.

This is powerful work. Listen to your body, drink plenty of clean water before and after, and eat healthy food. Be kind to your mind and heart as well. You may want to allow for some integration time between sessions and have a daily grounding practice, preferably in nature where your skin touches the earth, to keep all your energy bodies flowing nicely.

Bookmark this page! It keeps on growing, so check back in every now and then when you need some new tools and inspiration. If you want to learn how to be an Energetic Master, we recommend this course: Energy Clearing, Healing & Protection – Advanced. We have no affiliation with Divine Light Academy, we recommend the course because it’s truly fantastic.

Resources for Clearing Your Energy

Energy Clearing

Reiki Healing & Divine Decrees

Clearing with the Violet Flame and Saint Germain

Flexible, multidimensional and versatile, the genuine Ascended Master Saint Germain is always ready to assist you in energetic clearing with the Sacred Violet Flame. It’s an alchemizing fire that transmutes low frequencies to Love and Light.

Clearing Transmissions & Meditations with Steve Nobel