How to Surrender and Fully Connect to Mother Earth, Lady Gaia

In today’s oracle video reading for general guidance, we once again received the oracle card XXXIII, The Heart of Gaia – Surrender to Her Love. I’m feeling strongly guided to share some tips on how you can do this for yourself in a very powerful way.

Connecting to Planetary Mother-Consciousnesses

This card represents an energetic connection to Mother Earth. All planets have planetary mother-consciousnesses. When you astral travel to Sirius you can connect to Mother Sirius, when you astral travel to Venus you can connect to Mother Venus, and so forth.

These vast, enormous, ancient, wise, advanced and unconditionally loving planetary mother-consciousnesses are always willing to assist you in all ways. Just look around you right now – everything… everything came from Mother Earth. She is the Source for our life here.

So, we may connect to Her with the same reverence that we connect to Source. Source here source there, we are multidimensional beings in an infinitely complex and intelligent symphony of creation! Then how do we fully connect to Mother Earth?

12-Chakra Connection to Gaia’s Heart

I want to share a technique that just came to me now, which is a 12-chakra connection to her heart, in addition to grounding fully into the heart of Gaia.

Step 1: Set your space and do some deep breathing, going deep within. Invite Divine Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel to surround you. Open up to their presence with gratitude.

Step 2: Set up your energetic pillar up to source and down to Gaia. Ask Divine Archangel Metatron to enhance your source-connection and ask Divine Archangel Sandalphon to empower your grounding. If this is new to you, this is a great guided meditation to learn this extremely important practice as a starseed.

Tip: Always always always invite Divine Archangel Sandalphon to help you ground and keep you fully grounded, because this is one of the ways that He is serving us now and you will notice a world of a difference. You can use this guided meditation to attune to Him and the Earth.

Step 2: Send love from your heart chakra down through your grounding cord all the way to the core of the Heart of Gaia. Aaaall the way until you feel it clicking into place, merging with her heart, and then breathe up her love through your grounding cord all the way into the deepest core of your heart.

Step 3: Now center yourself in your higher-heart chakra and go through the same process. Sending your energetic signature, the vibration of your soul, down through your pillar all the way into the deepest core of Gaia’s heart.

Step 4: Continue with your solar plexus chakra, followed by your throat chakra, your hara chakra (behind your navel between your solar plexus and sacral chakras), your third eye chakra, your sacral chakra, your crown chakra, your link chakra (knees), your soul star chakra and your base chakra. Continuously sending your energetic signature, the vibration of your soul, down through your pillar all the way into the deepest core of Gaia’s heart.

Step 5. Surrender into this Divine Connection and just vibe with it for as long as you want. You can speak to Gaia directly, receive from her and give to her in all imaginable ways. Let it flow, listen to your guidance and rest assured that You Are Worthy.

Tapping into Your Ancient Wisdom

Just writing this now makes me relax in all my multidimensional fields… She is always with us, guiding us and supporting us. We just need to remember how to connect. This is nothing new. This is ancient wisdom. Our souls know how to connect! Our bodies know! It’s encoded in our blood and bones.

We are organic beings, oh my God, and we are suffering so much on all levels from being disconnected from her. Learning how to connect deeper and deeper to Mother Earth is going to help you on your ascension path, in your awakening process, and you will expand and ground your soul so firmly and irreversibly this lifetime. From that place, you can truly serve humanity in the way that you are longing for.

I am going to record this session as a guided meditation for the oracle, so stay tuned on YouTube. For more Gaia connection check out this Earth Light Attunement with Archangel Sandalphon for the Organic Essence oracle card.

Use this in addition to other grounding practices like earthing, using crystals, surrounding yourself with nature, going on walks, an organic diet, drinking lots of clean water and being present in your body.

Lots of love and joy wrapped around a truth bomb,


Confused by this 12-Chakra System?

this 12-chakra system might confuse you for a number of reasons. There are so many versions. Follow your guidance. There are an infinite number of chakras, and you can work with a modality that suits you at this time. I do however recommend that you explore your hara chakra exactly at your navel. Not the solar plexus chakra or the sacral chakra, but in between. Ancient power lays dormant to be awakened.

Then you have the higher-heart chakra right at your thymus gland that will activate when you are ready. I used to see mine as vivid magenta and now it’s more golden and diamond-like. It will evolve with you. Be curious and explore. At the end of the day, your Spirit will guide you most profoundly.

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