Oracle Card II. Metaphysical Growth

General Guidance

When we grow spiritually, there is so much going on that we cannot see in the physical, tangible world. Trust the growth that is happening for you now. This oracle is coming to you as a confirmation of your spiritual, metaphysical growth.

You are growing and breaking free from old constraints. You are obliterating outdated barriers, walls, constrictions, and opening up more and more. Just as the oracle shows this can be painful sometimes, as well as challenging and confusing. Be aware that you are going through profound, deep, radical growth, and support yourself accordingly. Use the divine prayer below to receive help from Ascended Master Buddha, who will support you in this matter now.

You are also encouraged to reach out for support from professional practitioners if you feel that it is necessary. This can be anything from energy clearing and stabilization to massage therapy, reiki healing, etc. Follow your guidance and take very good care of yourself. Extra rest and calm environments will be beneficial to you as well, in combination with regular, soft movements such as long nature walks and yoga.

⚡️ BUDDHA CONNECTION 24H | Divine Prayer for this Oracle

Connect deeply with Ascended Master Buddha and establish a connection for 24 hours. Merge your energy with this Divine Master of Illumination for increased awareness, inner stillness, peace, and joy. The perfect medicine for anyone who wants to grow spiritually and awaken to the Divine Intelligence of all that is.

Made for Oracle Card II Metaphysical Growth – You Are Growing & Breaking Free in the Return to Love Oracle. But you can use this attunement at any time.

Please note, always ground yourself properly and drink plenty of water before and after working with energy. Be gentle with your body afterward. We are more sensitive than we realize. ?