Oracle Card L. Food As Medicine

On this page, I have gathered videos, articles, artwork and other resources relating to the oracle card L. Food As Medicine – Today’s Intake, Tomorrow’s You.

General Guidance

This oracle is a beautiful reminder that nothing slips into our mouths unnoticed. Every single molecule is absorbed by the body or moved through the system and handled like ingredients to create You. What you consume and drink today, is tomorrow’s you.

All aspects of us rely heavily on what we consume. Our emotions, thoughts, abilities, hormones, body composition, inspirations, Divine connections or disconnections… Everything is either enhanced or suppressed by what you ingest.

One Week In Life

Imagine that you spent a week eating and drinking whatever, how would you feel? What would your mental state be like? How would you feel in your body?

Now imagine you spent a week eating home-cooked, organic, clean foods, drinking clean water, and avoiding toxins of all kinds. How would you feel? More positive? Loving, happy, and hopeful? Generous, focused, and expansive?

This oracle card is not trying to shame or guilt-trip anyone. It is a wake-up call. A reminder and encouragement to be more discerning and responsible for what we eat and drink. With compassion and patience for where we are at, progress can be made that radically improves our life quality and spiritual connection. 

A Dive Into the Ocean of Knowledge

Recent studies can teach us a lot about health that we didn’t know growing up or even a year ago. Now we know that refined sugar is detrimental to the brain, while walnuts and blueberries stimulate brain health.

This oracle invites you to listen to your body, make responsible and positive choices for your health, and research health-related topics that are interesting to you. It could be Ayurveda, veganism, herbology, the science of water, ancestral living, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Use your intuition and self-awareness to discern what practices are suitable to you. This is all about prioritizing health, enjoying this enormous part of your life, and feeling empowered to take charge of your holistic wellbeing.

Presence, Love & Gratitude

How we handle the food and the consciousness that we bring into the whole experience of feeding ourselves and our loved ones also has an amazing effect on us. Cook with love to embody more love. Play some nice music or light a candle in the evening and experiment with ways that enhance the cooking experience for you.

The happier you feel and the more gratitude you have towards the bounty delivered from Mother Earth to your kitchen counter, the more magic and health can enter your life. Approach the cooking session with a bit of playfulness and curiosity… Try some new spices and herbs, indulge in something new and interesting once in a while, because the joy you bring into what you do always enriches your life in unexpected ways.

The Stagnation of Alcohol

Alcohol is not your friend if you are striving to become more conscious, aware, and spiritually connected. It is not an innocent habit because it is causing a lot of stagnation in the evolution of Humanity. 

People drink to forget. To “loosen up”. To “connect”. To “have fun”. But it is in truth a way of disconnecting from the present moment—and how we really feel—and we should proceed with caution. If we need to become unconscious to connect… what is the quality of that connection?

You are invited to pay attention to how your energy might be compromised by these toxins. Again, this is not to shame or guilt or judge anyone’s choice, but a call to more awareness, truth, and discernment.

Food As Medicine

In the Western culture, we haven’t really been taught how healing food can be. Eating and drinking in the right way will prevent disease, fatigue, and signs of aging. It will give you the strength to evolve as a human being, transcend into your soul essence, engage in life in a way that makes you feel uplifted and joyful, and experience life in the most beautiful way.

When we treat food and drink as medicine we have a great chance to steer clear from illnesses, prescription medicine, and hospitals. Buying that organic produce and opting for brands and producers that are reliable and treat the planet and the animals with respect will most likely be to your financial advantage as well.

It is more expensive than manufactured “food stuff” and non-organic items, but think of the hospital bills you are avoiding and how much more productive you can be when your health is radiant and robust. That of course relies on your intake of alcohol and other drugs too, your exercise regime, the quality of your relationships, your spiritual practices, and the quality of your sleep. Everything is building us up or tearing us down, over time. So prioritizing our needs over our wants can get us really far.

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