Oracle Card VIII Inner Knowing

General Guidance

Inner Knowing is a knowing deep within that does not require explanation, confirmation, or external proof. When you know, you know. It’s important to honor this inner knowing without feeling the need to defend it to anyone. Your Inner Knowing is sacred. It’s your pool of spiritual wisdom that you can dip into at any moment to distill truth and guidance.

A person who is truly connected with her or his inner knowing is fully empowered, and can therefore not be exploited, manipulated, tricked, used, or abused. Your Inner Knowing is a part of your intuition—your inner guidance system—and your inner knowing is crystal clear. As if someone shouted Yes! or No! or Now! in your ear.

This oracle card comes to you at a time when your inner knowing has become available to you in a new, more direct way, or when you are looking externally for answers that you will easily find within if you only make time to listen. Stop. Enter silence. Ground and find your center. Then listen.

Open your mind and be all that you can be
Reclaim your own headspace
Reclaim your body by listening to it

Opening up
Going deep within
It’s your Divine Birthright
to make your own decisions
That feel 100% correct to you

About the Return to Love Oracle

Return to Love is a 55-card oracle deck with a guidebook, meditations, and prayers. This oracle deck gives you Divine guidance and wisdom and I created it for art lovers who want to heal and grow with the Universe! Use the cards to receive soul wisdom, loving guidance, and universal support. The deck is comprised of 55 original fine art paintings and drawings created over the last six years.