Oracle Card XLIII. Hold Space

On this page, I have gathered videos, articles, artwork and other resources relating to the oracle card XLIII. Hold Space – Embody The Potential ?

General Guidance

Sometimes all we need to do is hold space for the potential coming our way to manifest. Sometimes we need to step back and hold an intention. Remain open. This is one of those times.

Whatever you’re inquiring about, the best you can do right now is to hold the space and focus on embodying the potential. Energy is not always easy to see, but look at the image in this card and see the energies moving and flowing.

They need space.

This energy can be a resolution to a problem, a blessing, a solution to a health issue, a new relationship, inspiration, etc. You don’t always need to know what you are holding space for. Rest in your divine feminine and welcome the silent void. Focus on being instead of doing. And have trust.

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