Oracle Card XX. Serenity

The Divine Feminine

General Guidance

Serenity comes to us when we embrace ourselves and who we are. It requires us to be naked, seen, open, and free from conditions and expectations placed on us. We listen to our hearts and souls and let that guide our decision-making, choices, discernment, and priorities. We surrender control to the Divine.

And we realize that the only thing holding us back from anything is our fear to move through the layers of internal landscapes of emotions and thoughts that we have built up inside. But once we get a glimpse of the freedom on the other side, nothing can hold us back.

Serenity is a state of being. There is nothing we can DO to become serene… Just like we can’t bully the Divine into giving us a vision or a transcendental experience. All these wonderful occurrences in the present moment stem from our state of being.

“Exchange your to-do-list for a to-be-list”

The Dance of Yin and Yang

The Divine Feminine is our receptive and open aspect, which receives energy to the depth of our being. It is organic, sensual, and eternal. We simply are. Our vibration aligns us with that which vibrates at the same frequency. Instead of going after something, we magnetize it to us. Or rather, by embodying the vibrational frequency we step into that dimension—that reality—and realize that it was always there.

The Divine Masculine is our active and precise aspect, which directs energy outward. It is the decision-maker and protector within. It is also systematic, sexual, and situational. When this energy is dominant we most certainly go after what we want, but as it is the ascended aspect of the masculine energy, it is done with respect, love, and reverence.

Oracle XX Serenity is an invitation to strip off the layers, feeeeeel the softness of your skin, and let go of the seriousness of life. Exchange your to-do-list for a to-be-list.

Make Room for Your Divine Feminine

Yes, this oracle asks you to approach yourself today in a soft manner. Be gentle, be sweet, be still. You cannot rush the Divine Feminine or order it around. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, the Divine Feminine wants to bring you balance, sensuality, and timelessness today. Let go of control and free-fall into the now moment.

Ponder the essence of a flower. Place your hand on your heart and connect to it, moving down from your head into the temple of your heart. You might even cry a little. We all need to have a little cry from time to time. It is how we clean out our emotional body. You don’t need to know why but rather embrace the unknown mystery of all that is.

Or maybe you need some sensuality? Caress yourself or allow someone to touch you with warmth, love, and gentleness. Be playful. Be sweet. Be present and lose track of time. Take a bath. Ask someone to give you a massage or massage yourself. Mix up a sensual oil mix with your favorite scents. Put on something that makes you feel amazing.

Or spoil yourself a little and buy something fancy or indulgent. Take a nap. Turn off the phone. Meditate the whole day. Say no to stressing and rushing and make it a habit. Schedule a day for the Divine Feminine once a week and just be you.

Let the Divine take over the steering wheel for a bit. Surrender. Just do you. Come to center. Relax. Yes, you are so worth it. Serenity will find you when you make space for it. You have the entire Universe within and it wants to play. It wants to love and be loved by you.

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